101 Things To Do
Before You Get Married

  1. Bunjee jump
  2. Tame your soul
  3. Call up your ex
  4. Lead him on
  5. Drop him like a hot brick
  6. Get to know yoga
  7. Head to the tomatina festival in Spain
  8. Believe and make others believe that you are awesome
  9. Tell all your FB friends that you are gonna get hitched
  10. Save up.
  11. Plan that mega bachelor’s
  12. Pick up a new language
  13. Run away…
  14. Binge watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. All seasons with your childhood friends
  15. Fix egomaniacal issues
  16. Don’t text your buddy on his birthday
  17. Call him
  18. Make a friend through his enemy
  19. Make friends with benefits
  20. Catch up on a classic
  21. Read a book and watch the movie too.
  22. Book a room in a crazy place with your bestie for a wild and weird episode.
  23. Watch a Cartoon or a sitcom.
  24. Be too good to be true…or better.
  25. But know, that you’re the best.
  26. Get a tattoo.
  27. Learn a wind instrument.
  28. Get a pair of cowboy boots
  29. Go Indian ethnic for a couple of days
  30. Bum a ride.
  31. Help your maid’s kid ace his 10 th
  32. Wanna slap that jerk? Man up & go for it
  33. Count slowly…. In reverse.
  34. Smile more often…. Better wave!!
  35. Do a good turn to a stranger.
  36. Karma could also be a sweet b!tch.
  37. Say hello to your neighbor…you never know.
  38. Backpack with less cash in your wallet.
  39. Get more memories home.
  40. Cover the refrigerator with magnets
  41. Go skinny-dipping.
  42. Expect nothing in return ever.
  43. Smile at kids even when they don’t.
  44. Make them believe that life’s worth everything and more.
  45. Travel the road less travelled.
  46. Lose yourself to find yourself.
  47. Wear that little black dress you hesitated to wear… today
  48. Be that hippie you always wanted to be
  49. Get that diploma you always wanted to be
  50. Color your hair burgundy red
  51. Be independent, baby!
  52. Make friends whom you will not mind dying for
  53. Learn how to swim
  54. Get a piercing at the wrong place
  55. Eat that sabzi you hate
  56. Learn to paint
  57. Flirt
  58. Workout to get that crazy abs
  59. Don’t fret if you miss a day / week of gym
  60. Kiss someone because they are pretty
  61. Delete the number of that dreadful person you had on the phone
  62. Spend time with your family
  63. Go on a date with your favorite aunt
  64. Learn how to make rotis like your mom
  65. Paint your room red
  66. Get used to sharing your room and life… and everything in between
  67. Make loads of money
  68. Get your face in a local newspaper
  69. Go to that fancy pub across the town and dance as if no one were looking
  70. Drive a vintage car
  71. Be stubborn
  72. Learn salsa… teach your fiancé too
  73. Babysit your niece
  74. Learn to hold your shit when the time comes
  75. Stop worrying
  76. Make a graffiti in the backyard
  77. Go for long drives in the rain
  78. Go for a 5-day cruise to an exotic location
  79. Eat 5 Big Mac burgers in 1 go
  80. Gatecrash a wedding
  81. Watch DDLJ for 169 th time
  82. Write on the wall something you would never repent doing
  83. Learn French
  84. Th!nk
  85. Volunteer for a charity
  86. Swipe the card and bundle up the cash
  87. Travel by train to Manali on a wait list ticket
  88. Stick your tongue out to a bus full of kids
  89. Bake a cake
  90. Play football in mud
  91. Go-kart
  92. Drive a full size truck up a hill
  93. Connect to old teachers and say thank you
  94. Envision a beach party with flip flops and shorts
  95. Plan a honeymoon in Switzerland
  96. Learn to belly dance and flaunt it next time you hit the floor
  97. Buy a hat to match each of your summer dresses
  98. Give up smoking
  99. Stand on your head and walk on your hands
  100. Plan a beach wedding
  101. Skydiving

Do none or most of the above. But do what you really want to; "just be yourself". Salute Oscar Wilde for the gem, "Everybody else is already taken".

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